LADaMAX SE071 Aluminium Dual Purpose Extension Ladder 2.1m 3.8m

$227.70 inc GST

LADaMAX ladder – Australian made and owned

Height: 2.1m (7 ft) –> 3.8m (12 ft) when extended

Load rating: 120kg (Industrial rated ladder)

Material: Aluminium

Ladder weight: 9kg

Maximum standing height “S”: 1.44m (The level of the highest rung safe to stand on according to the AS1892 Australian/New Zealand Safety Standards. Further information available from WorkSafe)

Maximum standing height “E”: 3.01m

  • Stainless steel side arms / spreaders.
  • Strongest Base Brace/Tread Stiffener
  • Rear ‘outrigger’ stabilisers for improved safety – also when extended
  • Superior heavy duty 40mm x 3mm bracing
  • Light weight
  • For home and light industrial use
  • Australian made and owned

Dimensions: A (585mm), B (2000mm), C (1230mm), D (3775mm)

A – maximum width when facing the ladder front
B – overall height when in the open position
C – distance between front and back feet when fully open
D – distance handle extends past the top step

Max. Standing Height S: The level of the highest tread safe to stand on according the AS1892 when in Step ladder mode.

Max. Standing Height E: The level of the highest tread safe to stand on according the AS1892 when in Extended mode.


This LADaMAX extension ladder is 2.1m (7 ft) tall in its ‘A’ frame form, and 3.8m (12 ft) in its extended form. Perfect for those hard to reach places at home or on your work site.

Despite its 120kg industrial rating, this ladder weighs a ridiculously light 9kg – carry it with one hand and throw it on your roof rack!

This ladder is made in Australia, so you can expect the highest quality materials have been used to create an incredibly strong and safe product. The ‘outrigger’ stabilisers give added stability and control, reducing ladder ‘walk’ and creating a safer working environment. The outriggers also provide extra stability at the top, when the ladder is in extended form.

An industrial rating means it is suitable for use in the workplace, including construction sites. But this ladder is also perfect for use in any setting – domestic/home/DIY, trade, industrial and heavy duty industrial.


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