Felt Pads

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Felt pads are designed to protect hard floors and other surfaces from damage, while reducing friction and noise when moving. More than just chair leg pads, they can be attached to any piece of furniture, appliance, electrical goods, and any other item that may sit on a hard floor or surface.

Felt pads are attached to wooden furniture legs or the base of various objects, allowing effortless gliding across floors and protection from dents, scratches and scuff marks. Felt pads are ideal for linoleum, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, terrazzo, vinyl and marble floor surfaces.

We stock a large range of shapes and sizes, but you can cut the felt pads to suit your individual preference, without compromising their performance. All felt pads a super soft, and naturally anti-skid.

Our felt pads can be used on the feet of various furniture items – chairs,  tables,  bar stools,  desks,  couches,  sofas,  vases,  collectables,  bookcases and more.

These surface and floor protectors are also suitable for use with electrical devices – DVD players and set top boxes,  Foxtel boxes,  stereos,  lamps,  televisions,  computer equipment,  small kitchen appliances and more.

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