Castor Cups

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Castor cups will protect your floor from damage, dints, and scuff marks – created by furniture legs, with or without castors. The damage can often include large imprints in carpet which are extremely difficult to remove, or scratches and skid marks from constant movement on a hard surface such as tiles or hardwood.

At AdMerch we have a castor cup in the size and colour you need, suitable for use on legs with or without castors. Whether you are trying to protect carpet or rugs, or a hard surface such as wood or tiles – we have the protection to meet your requirements.

Castor cups work by dispersing the weight of your furniture item, including the weight of people on it – they are genuine floor protectors.

For carpet or rugs, you can select any of our plastic castor cups if you are looking for both grip and preventing dints and imprints. Our plastic castor cups are made of robust, long-lasting, durable vinyl. Our range of carpet based castor cups will also provide excellent protection against dints and imprints, while making the furniture easier to move (will only move if applying deliberate force). We also have a spiked clear plastic castor cup, which also prevents movement on carpets.

Our wooden castor cups range is suitable for hard floors where you wish to have zero movement from your furniture item – they also work on carpeted surfaces. Our vinyl plastic castor cups will also protect against damage on hard floors, keeping your furniture stable.

Felt and carpet based castor cups will also protect against damage to hard floor surfaces. While they allow ease of movement when applying deliberate force, they may not keep your furniture entirely stationary. But in terms of protection against scuff marks, scratches and dents on hard floors – felt and carpet-based castor cups are second to none.

Castor cups are often referred to as furniture feet, but they have many more uses. If you want to stop your bed from rolling on hardwood floors, carpet, and other surfaces – castor cups are for you. They can even be used to protect the floor from your piano, even grand piano!

Other uses for castor cups include couches, desks, shelving units, chests, bar stools, chairs, office chairs, and tables.