Bumper Pads

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Bumper pads help to prevent scratching and sliding on fine furniture finishes, hard floor surfaces and desktops from home and office accessories including lamps, computer equipment, and small appliances.

Bumpers are also used for kitchen cabinets and bath vanities to reduce friction and noise when opening and closing cabinet and cupboard doors.

Professional picture framers use bumper pads to protect walls from damage caused by picture frames, while also keeping picture frames straight.

Bumper pads can be fixed on multiple items – picture frames,  drawers,  cabinet doors,  tables,  stools,  desks,  chairs,  bar stools,  and any other item that may cause damage to a wall or other surface.

Bumper pads are also suitable for use with other electrical devices such as DVD players and set top boxes,  Foxtel boxes,  stereos,  lamps,  televisions,  computer equipment,  small kitchen appliances and more.

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