Plastic Pallets

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  • DollyPallet-IH4000

    Dolly Pallet | IH4000

    $215.60 inc GST
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  • PalletNally-IH4006

    Pallet Nally | IH4006

    $95.70 inc GST
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  • plastic-pallets

    Pallet Plastic 10613 1165 Sq | IH537

    $165.00 inc GST
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    90 Degree Angle Corner Bracket

    $20.87 inc GST
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Showing all 4 results

Plastic Pallets

This selection of plastic pallets and merchandising units are of the highest quality, built to survive rigorous everyday use – the best that money can buy.

AdMerch have three plastic pallets, including two Nally merchandising units with a weight capacity of 500kg. We also have the Vipallet, which has a massive 1,000kg (1 tonne) capacity.

All plastic pallets sold at AdMerch are environmentally friendly, hygienic and easy to clean and sterilize, lightweight, and tough and durable. Plastic pallets require far less maintenance than wood pallets.

Other features include castors for easy movement, and food grade plastic.

AdMerch only stock the best – everything here is designed to last the test of time in a heavy duty environment, and is regarded as the best in its field.

We deliver nationwide – so no matter where you’re from – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia – we have a customised solution for your business or home.

Don’t compromise – only choose the best and most reliable to get maximum value for money, and peace of mind.